Are you planning to move soon? If so, you may want to consider having your home staged prior to placing it on the market. Many homes for sale are often owner occupied and as a result have that “lived in” look. Furniture may be too large for the space or have an awkward placement making if difficult for buyers touring your home to move around comfortably. Also, rooms that aren’t being used as they were initially intended to be used may confuse buyers, every room needs to have a purpose that makes sense. For example, if your home has a formal living room or dining room and you are currently using it as a play room for the kids, you really should convert it back to it’s intended purpose while the home is being shown. Furniture can be rented monthly for a reasonable fee and it will be well worth the cost.


All too often the color scheme reflects the current owner’s style and personality. To attract the attention of more buyers, your home should have a neutral color scheme and minimal furnishings. This will make the home feel more spacious. It will be difficult for buyers to visualize your home as theirs if they can’t see through the clutter or distracting paint colors. Play up any and all key features your home may have like hard wood floors, large windows with a view or counter space. Remove area rugs that are covering up those beautiful floors, heavy drapes should be replaced with airy sheers and any small appliances or canisters that may be on the kitchen counter should be put away out of sight. Pick up a few storage totes for those days when you have scheduled showings or those last minute showings that will be inevitable. Place the items that may be lying around the house into the totes and store them in the garage or someplace out of the way. Little things like these that I’ve mentioned will have a huge impact as you try to sell your home, possibly speeding up the process.