How do you sell your home, and find a replacement home at the same time?

There are many of you in Colorado who I know would LOVE to sell your home, and appreciate all the equity you have in your home, but are concerned about finding a replacement home.
Thus is the reason we have so few listings on the market today.

My husband and I personally sold our home in Longmont Last December. WE did a lease back until our new home in Frederick was built this Summer. That’s one way to negotiate a sale.

You can simply state when listing your home, that the sale is CONTINGENT to you finding a replacement home OR
Seller requires a 30-60 rent back.

Depending on your buyer, given that you have time to look for a new home, a temporary place to rent etc,, and a way out of the contract if you can’t find suitable housing. It creates a way to get the best of both worlds. (especially if the housing market starts to decline.)

My Team would be happy to meet with you to discuss any/all options available to you. Sometimes the Best option is to wait for a change in the market. (I have given this advise to many buyers this year )

Several circumstances require a “Must Move” Only you can determine what is BEST for you. But we would be Happy to help you ,and in the very least we can give you an honest opinion of your homes value.!

Enjoy this Beautiful Fall Day!