In a recent study by SmartAssett, Colorado was ranked as the #6 state for home ownership. They considered several different factors in their study: foreclosure rates, burglary rates, property tax rates, median list price (per square foot), the annual change in home prices (per square foot), home affordability and the annual cost of property taxes and homeowners insurance.

Our state’s average effective property tax rate (0.58%) is one of the lowest in the country. Also, having the second highest rate of home price appreciation (per square foot), makes this beautiful State of Colorado a great place for home owners.

In another study by SmartAssett, they also found that Coloradans consume 15% more energy than the national average, but due to cheap gas prices in this state, they spend 29% less than the national average. It’s no wonder that people from all over the country have decided to move to this great state we call home!

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