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How do you sell your home, and find a replacement home at the same time? There are many of you in Colorado who I know would LOVE to sell your home, and appreciate all the equity you have in your home, but are concerned about finding a replacement home. Thus is the reason we have … read more »

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With spring right around the corner, many home owners are entertaining the idea of selling their home. The market is very favorable to sellers right now and you need to make sure that your home is in tip-top condition before you list it. Defects and items that need to be repaired can negatively impact how … read more »

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In a report that came out in CBS Money Watch, Zillow states that home prices across the country have rebounded to their pre-crisis levels and home values are expected to rise 3% this year. The regions with the best recovery are the South and West and are likely to see above-average gains. Denver was projected … read more »

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In a recent study by SmartAssett, Colorado was ranked as the #6 state for home ownership. They considered several different factors in their study: foreclosure rates, burglary rates, property tax rates, median list price (per square foot), the annual change in home prices (per square foot), home affordability and the annual cost of property taxes … read more »

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Well Folks it continues to be a sellers’ market. The supply of homes is considerably lower than the number of buyers qualified to purchase. As long as this is the situation, home prices will continue to rise in Colorado. This is ideal if you are selling, but very competitive and difficult as a Buyer. All … read more »